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Norway intensifies tests for CBDC

Norway is stepping up its efforts to make a national digital currency in the form of CBDC a reality. After years of research, the Central Bank of Norway now wants… Read more »

The dark side of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have set out to revolutionize the (financial) world. It is used in many huge industries like gambling (read more) and you can now even buy a… Read more »

Hodler loses 850,000 euros through phishing app

Phillipe Christodoulou lost 17.1 Bitcoin with a simple login. The momentous login was into an iPhone app from Apple’s App store that pretended to be the mobile front end of… Read more »

Many Bookmakers and Casinos accepting BTC

When selecting BTC casinos or Cryptocurrency Bookmaker, there are of course some features that must all be met in the comparison. Only if these points are met, they are top… Read more »

BTC Gamblers should pay

The web is full of virtual casino offers. They are soon to become legal in Germany for the first time – and that is calling the taxman into action. The… Read more »

Online sports betting & cryptocurrencies

When it comes to gambling, most people think of casinos, poker rounds and roulette tables. But also lotto or sports betting belong to this area. And on the Internet, bitcoin… Read more »

The future of Cryptocurrencies

Digital currencies such as bitcoin have been very cryptocurrencies among many investors for years: Means of payment of the future or just anonymous currencies for fraudsters? Cryptocurrencies have become known… Read more »

Blockchain: Centralized values in a decentralized system?

The blockchain and its seemingly almost inexhaustible areas of application are increasingly coming into public focus. However, one important topic has hardly been discussed to date, but should be if… Read more »